Glove for burn management

The glove for burn management (mitten, open or closed glove answers the need for suitable compression in the event of severe burns (thermal, chemical or electrical burns).  It can also be worn after a skin graft on the hand.

The compression rate has been specially studied in order to avoid hypertrophic and retractile scars. If you already have these scars, the glove for burn management will improve their appearance.

The first placement of the glove for burn management will be carried out by a health professional. It is essential to apply it on closed wounds, as soon as the epidermis is restored.


This product is available with a medical prescription only and cannot be ordered online. It is made entirely according to your measurements Please use the contact form opposite to get in touch with us.


  • The glove can be made in 3 quality fabrics: limitation of redness and evacuation of perspiration.
  • A gripping finish improves your grip.
  • The glove can be accessorized with 6 designs for children: helicopter, tractor, sailboat, butterfly, ladybird, doll.
  • 6 colors are available: black, off-white, taupe, blue, pink, light blue.


We offer 3 fabrics for your glove for burn management:

  • Classic fabric: 77% Polyamide, 23% Elastane. This fabric is the thinnest and therefore the most ventilated. It is available in black, blue and off-white.
  • Premium fabric: 56% Polyamide, 44% Elastane. This fabric is thicker and therefore silkier. It is also available in black, blue and off-white.
  • Dynamic fabric: 64% Polyamide, 36% Elastane. It is the thickest fabric and therefore even silkier to the touch. It is available in black, off-white, taupe, pink and light blue.


  • Cleaning 30 ° C water + soap
  • Rinsing without softener
  • Dry flat – no dryer – do not iron

Placement advice

To promote proper healing, it is important to wear your glove as often as possible.

The first fitting will be carried out by a health professional.

Be sure to place the seams outside.

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