30 years of experience
in medical and dermatology

Founded in 1990, Euromi S.A. is a company specialized in the manufacture and distribution of medical, dermatological and aesthetic surgery equipment.

Indeed, we have been offering products for aesthetic, plastic and reconstructive surgery for many years. We are also known for our liposuction technique which is unique in the world and for which we hold a patent: the Nutational Infrasonic Liposculpture (N.I.L.®).

We use this technique in our range of products dedicated to liposculpture, products which today appeal to thousands of professionals: evamatic®, evasp®, cannulas.

We also offer a range for lipofilling with the NLF System® kit, as well as for mesotherapy with our product Dermatic®.

In addition, we complete our offer with our range of post-operative compression garments, garments that help alleviate immediate post-operative oedema and eliminate the possible “wave” effect that may appear in plastic and aesthetic surgery.

We also offer other ranges of compression garments: for digestive surgery, severe burns, patients with Ehlers Danlos syndrome.
Our Cerederm® silicone dressings help to reduce and rehydrate scars.

Discover our compression garments and silicone dressings

In 2022, we will distribute a new range of products that will meet new needs in aesthetic, plastic and reconstructive surgery: Cereform® breast implants.

Present in more than 50 countries through distributors, we are constantly developing by integrating new markets each year and always pursuing the same goal: total customer satisfaction and patient safety.

Euromi is accredited to the recognised quality standard on medical devices : ISO 13485:2016. Euromi also complies with the 93/42/CEE directive on medical devices and is EC certified – Full Quality Assurance System (available upon request). Our quality management system ensures ongoing compliance with the requirements of these standards.