The principle of the Dermatic® consists of the use of compressed air, which provides a high-injection speed. This ensures a reduction of pain for the patient and a very high precision for the practitioner.

The use of the Dermatic® in mesotherapy thereby makes it possible to relieve pain immediately or to treat the desired area much more quickly. The amount of active product used is greatly reduced.


This product is a medical device intended for use by qualified health professionals.

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  • Use of very thin needles + compressed air for high-speed injection and a reduction of pain
  • Delayed clamping system: allows the gun to provide the required quantity of liquid only when the needle is inside the skin. This ensures no loss of product.
  • Guide: provides stability of the gun when it’s against the skin.
  • Adjustable parameters:
    • Needle penetration for a constant safety.
    • Burst speed
    • Injected quantity: reproducibility of the active product is ensured
    • Manual or automatic mode
  • Syringe adapter to use any size of syringes: 1ml – 2ml – 5ml – 10ml.


The Dermatic® is mainly indicated for:

  • aesthetic procedures (mesolift, cellulite),
  • dermatological procedures (fibrous scars, hair loss),
  • rheumatology-type pain, spinal pathologies,
  • sport traumas (tendonitis, pulled muscle),
  • blood circulation troubles…


For the practitioner:

  • Good ergonomics of the gun
  • Good battery autonomy
  • No product loss
  • Guaranteed reproducibility
  • Control of the quantity injected
  • Consistent safety
  • Easy setting of parameters


For the patient:

  • Comfort
  • Minimized pain
  • Guaranteed reproducibility
  • Consistent safety


The Dermatic® is shipped in a storage case containing:

  • 10 Full Dermatic® kits: catheter + single use guide + needle
  • 10 syringes 10ml single use
  • 1 adapter for 10 ml syringe
  • 1 charger
  • 1 black spiral hose
  • 1 power cord (2 meters)

A small compressor that is easy to carry and to use is also available at an additional cost.

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