Stomibelt® light / light comfort

The Stomibelt® light or Stomibelt® light comfort binder provides support needed for temporary wall weakness requiring a colostomy bag.

This abdominal binder has 4 steel ribs (5 for Stomibelt® light comfort) and a plastron made from ladder-resistant fabric for incision for the colostomy bag.

The side closure by independent self-gripping tabs allows a precise adjustement.

The Stomibelt® light comfort  is rounded at the back for a precise fit and better stability.


Do not use on open wound or in case of pre-existing phlebitis.


This product is available with medical prescription only and cannot be ordered online. Please use the contact form opposite to get in touch with us.


The Stomibelt® light and Stomibelt® light comfort are available in height 25 or 33 cm.

We offer them in 9 standard sizes.

Fabric composition

Dorsal panel: Digitex fabric (66 % Polyamide + 34 % elastane)

Plastron: 65 % Polyamide + 35 % elastane


It is recommended to always pull out the removable ribs before washing:

  • Wash with soap, 30°, without fabric softener;
  • Air dry, flat, away from heat sources.

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