Who is Doctor Stéphan Houyoux?


Dr Stéphan Houyoux is an aesthetic doctor and a trainer at the Vich Liposculpture Centre, the reference centre in liposculpture.

Dr Houyoux has indeed been passionate about liposculpture and especially about vibroliposculpture – Nutational Infrasonic Liposculpture (N.I.L.®) with the Evamatic® handpiece since 1997.

The N.I.L.® technique, developed by Euromi, has remained his sole reference technique ever since. This technique is also known in the US under the name of Tickle Lipo.

Over the years, Dr Houyoux has had the opportunity to train many other physicians from all over the world to use the N.I.L.® technique.

Dr Houyoux

What is the specific use of the Houyoux cannula?


To improve his outcomes particularly in the long-term treatment of cellulite. Dr Houyoux has performed a lot of research in the application of his technique.

The Houyoux cannula was developed in 2014. This is a thin cannula with a diameter of 2,5 mm and 6 holes with a diameter of 1 mm, powered by the movement of nutation from the Evamatic® handpiece (N.I.L. ® technique).

This cannula enables the physicians to navigate through the zone responsible for “orange peel skin” and to work with high precision on the last millimetres of the fat layer.

–> As we can see in the video, the aspiration flow rate is exceptional even if the holes on the cannula are very small (1 mm). The fat goes smoothly through the cannula.


When to use the Houyoux cannula and how does it work?


The Houyoux cannula, combined with the N.I.L.® technique, can be used in the final phase of any liposculpture, regardless of the zone, and enables to extend the zones to be treated.

–> This cannula respects extremely well the connective tissue, nerve fibres and the blood vessels, which enables a natural skin retraction.

–> In addition, when the cannula is in contact with the derma and vibrates, without aspiration, it stimulates the collagen production preserving the last millimetres of the superficial fat cells which are essential for the skin quality. The intense vibration of the Houyoux cannula in the cellulite zones enables the physician to break the fibrous areas, responsible for the cellulite.  A light aspiration, too light to aspirate the fat cells, also increases the mechanical impact of the vibrations on the fibrous areas.

The thinner the cannula is, the more the nutation movement is achieved…

The nutation movement enables a dissociation of the fat cells, being then aspirated though the small, 1MM CANNULA HOLES.

–> Physics explains very well why a hole with a diameter of 1 mm enables a stronger aspiration than a hole with a diameter of 3 mm and an even stronger one than a hole with a diameter of 6 mm! This physical phenomenon combined with the nutation movement of the Houyoux cannula as well as the easy penetration of this cannula into the fibrous zone explain why this cannula is unbeatable when the Asian fat is targeted or when the zone to be treated is highly fibrous, such as the periumbilical region, the tronchantereal zone or the male breast for example.


For all of these reasons and because of the aggressiveness of the cannula is why Dr Houyoux uses exclusively his cannula on non-obese patients from the beginning to the end of the intervention. The results are beyond comparison. On overweight patients, Dr Houyoux also uses his cannula, but only on the two last centimetres of the surface of the skin.



A few additional information….


It is then advisable to wear a compression garment for 1 to 7 days after intervention, depending on the quantity of fat removed and of the skin quality.


Dr Houyoux operates on patients under local anesthesia with conscious sedation, he can therefore preserve the muscle tone and sculpt the natural curves with high quality. It is essential to do so with this technique, the role of the target -hand being capital.


The technique used by Dr Houyoux is completely different, it is thus necessary to follow a minimum training to be able to understand all the advantages.


You can see some examples of Dr Houyoux work results using this unique cannula on his website.


The cannula and the Evamatic® handpiece mentioned in this article are medical devices and can only be used by qualified healthcare professionals. 

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