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Products sold exclusively in Belgium and Luxembourg.

Invisible and easy to use, Cerederm is a self-adhesive silicone dressing for the treatment of scars.

The silicone gel relieves itching, softens the scar and reduces its redness. The medical grade silicone smoothes out the scar and limits its development.

Which scars ?   

Scars often appear as result of an accident, a burn, a surgical procedure etc. Cerederm is really effective on hypertrophic scars (red coloured) or keloids (raised and fibrous, firm and thick). Cerederm is highly recommended for the preventive treatment on closed wound and surgical procedure scars.

Specific models (anchor and crown) are adapted to breast postoperative surgeries.


Effective - Invisible - Painless - Easy to cut - Flexible - Thin - Self -adhesive  - Washable


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