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Cerederm® Self-adhesive

10 units per box (except Lipostick, 30 units/box

Transparent and easy to use, Cerederm® is a self-adhesive silicone dressing for the treatment and prevention of hypertrophic scars (reddened) or keloids (raised and fibrous, firm and thick).

The silicone gel relieves itching, softens the scar and reduces its redness. The medical grade silicone smooths out the scar and limits its development.

We offer 6 shapes for a perfect fit to your scar (see details in the “Shape” section below).

Visible results after 2 to 3 months of use.

Do not use Cerederm® on mucous membranes, near the eyes, or on open or unhealed wounds.


Cerederm® adhesive is available in 6 shapes, to adapt to your scar:

  • 3 Rectangle shapes, easy to cut: 5×8 cm, 10×20 cm, 5×30 cm;
  • 2 shapes for breast surgeries: Crown (periareolar scars), Anchor (periareolar scars + inframammary fold)
  • Lipostick (35 mm disc), suitable for small scars following the removal of a mole or even at the entry points of a liposuction cannula.

Adhesive dressings are packaged in boxes of 10 units (except Lipostick, boxes of 30).


Cerederm® self-adhesive silicone dressing has many advantages:

  • Perfectly fit to the scar: wide range of 6 flexible shapes
  • Discreet: thin and transparent, can be worn all day long
  • Practical: stays in place, with no need to apply cream, for up to 3 days,
  • Efficient: Results are visible after 2-3 months of use. The scar is visibly improved.

Instructions for use

  1. Remove the Cerederm® dressing from its packaging and cut it to the required size if needed. Make sure it is at least 1 cm larger than the scar on all sides.


  1. Carefully clean and dry the area before applying the dressing. Place the adhesive side of the dressing on the scar and gently remove the protective film, without pulling.


  1. Cerederm® dressing can be used on its own without the need of cream, although you may also use an additional compression if required (elastic band or compression garment).


Note : Cerederm® self-adhesive dressing is water-resistant but we recommend avoiding long baths. It is repositionable and should be applied on a dry skin.

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