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Need some help? We are at your disposal at +32 (0)87 29.22.22
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Eva sp® 1

The Eva sp® 1 system is the basic system of the Eva sp® range. It regulates compressed air supplied to the evamatic®. Thus, Eva sp® 1 allows a Nutational Infrasonic Liposculpture (N.I.L® technique).

Thanks to the infiltration cannula provided with it, and the use of an external pressure system (peristaltic pump), infiltration is qualitative and uniform.


This system is designed for practitioners already using their own infiltration and aspiration system.

It complies with European standards (CE marking).


This product is a medical device intended for use by qualified healthcare professionals.

If you are a healthcare professional and would like more information about this product, please complete the form opposite.

If you are an individual, for more information, please refer to your healthcare professional.


Discover the strengths of the Eva sp® 1 system:

• Non-fatty structures are are preserved.
• The duration of the operation is shorter, as is the post-operative resolution.
• The work for the surgeon is easier and more precise.
• Access to difficult and delicate areas is facilitated.
• The body suffers less trauma (less bruises, oedemas…)
• The patient feels less pain.
• The system is easily transportable.
• The system is compatible with the N.L.F. System® 1 & 2 lipofilling material.


Eva sp® 1 system includes:

• Eva sp® 1 control box
• Evamatic®
• Complete set of cannulas
• Accessories: infiltration cannulas, aspiration cannulas, , air tubing, pedals

Would you like a device that comes with an aspiration system? Then consider the Eva sp® 2

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