Lipofilling panty

Lipofilling panty contains the postoperative oedema after buttock lipofilling.

The panty also prevents the occurrence of “wave”, rippling of the skin.

The compression level is specially studied and offers the patient perfect comfort and a total mobility.


Three lengths are available: thigh-length (above the knee), calf-length (below the knee), ankle-length (at the ankle).


Do not use on open wounds, or in case of phlebitis.


If your measurements do not match those shown in the size guide opposite, please contact us.


  • Adjustable straps: keep the garment at the level of the xiphoïd process (of the sternum).
  • Eclair® side zips: easy wear and use.
  • External seams:
  • Located on the inner thigh, shifted towards the front, so as not to irritate the thighs
  • No abrasion or premature thread wear when the patient moves
  • Increase patient comfort
  • Do not leave marks on the skin
  • Closed crotch: compression on the perineal region
  • Buttock opening panel: in a silky, non-irritant fabric that can be re-cut if needed
  • Lateral reinforcement: greater compression on the target areaFeatures

The ankle-length panty has a Velcro® tab under the foot to prevent the panty from riding up. It is available with the “Thrombax” option to avoid the thromboembolic effect, in the event of venous disorders (available as custom models only, contact us).

Fabric composition

Combination of 3 fabrics for calibrated compression:

  • Classic fabric: 77 % Polyamide, 23 % Elastane
  • Premium fabric: 56 % Polyamide, 44 % Elastane
  • Xtra-dry Fabric


The compression garment should be hand-washed or washed at low heat (30°C) with soap, without softener.

Leave to air dry, flat, avoiding exposure to heat sources and to the sun.




Lipofilling panty should be applied immediately after surgery by the surgeon or his/her assistant to get optimal efficiency and easy placement.

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