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EUROMI compressive garments satisfy the need of a postoperative compression in plastic and aesthetic surgery.

A specific model to each intervention exerts a compression especially adapted, distributed in a uniform way and fitting with the patient morphology. The range is declined in 6 sizes and offers a compression scientifically calculated in order to control the effects while remaining comfortable and effective.


EUROMI garment contains the post-operative edema and eliminates the “wave” effect which can appear after a plastic surgery.


Composition and finishing       

Polyamide and lycra which compose the fabrics at 70 and 30%, ensure a return to initial dimensions and an excellent quality. The resistance of the wire ensures to the external seams an incomparable robustness without altering the comfort of the patient.
EUROMI range of garments is also the object of a very particular care on the level of the finishings (Microfibre protections, seams, Velcro).

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