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Mesotherapy consists in an intradermal injection (very superficial) of active products, through a very thin needle.


Aesthetic (mesolift, cellulite), rheumatologic, spinal pathologies, dermatology (fibrous scars, hair loss), sport traumas (tendonitis, pulled muscle), blood circulation troubles, etc.

In order to ensure a painless treatment to the patient, Euromi has developed the equipments Dermatic, high technology guns for mesotherapy.


The Dermatic principle consists in using compressed air that provides a high injection speed. This ensures a painless treatment for the patient and a very high precision for the practitioner.


The use of compressed air provides a high injection speed in the epidermis and therefore a painless treatment for the patient.


Different parameters can be set directly on the Dermatic®: speed of burst, depth of injection and quantity of liquid.   
The precision, the reproducibility and the excellent distribution of the active products are ensured.



Dermatic is a high-technology gun for mesotherapy functioning with compressed air.

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Dermatic Accessories

Material and accessories for mesotherapy to be used with Dermatic® range of products.

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Mesotherapy Accessories

Needles for mesotherapy professional use.

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NLF System®