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Need some help? We are at your disposal at +32 (0)87 29.22.22
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Eva sp® 7

The Eva sp® 7 allows a quantitative nutational infrasonic infiltration and also a nutational infrasonic liposculpture.

Manufactured for a safe liposculpture respecting the non-fatty tissues, the system is entirely digitalized

It complies with European standards (CE marking) and is compatible with N.L.F. System®, our kit for lipofilling.


This product is a medical device intended for use by qualified healthcare professionals.


If you are a healthcare professional and would like more information about this product, please complete the form opposite.

If you are an individual, for more information, please refer to your healthcare professional.



Eva sp® 7 is the latest system of the Eva sp® range:

  • Eva sp® 7 preserves the non-fatty tissues.
  • The patient benefits from very good skin retraction and feels less pain (less bruising, less ecchymosis, less oedema).
  • Infiltration is uniform, with a constant pressure, no matter the fat density
  • The surgery is comfortable for the patient thanks to an infrasonic frequency lower than 25 Hz.
  • Operative and post-operative times are shorter.
  • Surgeon’s work is more comfortable.
  • Delicate and difficult areas are more easily accessible to the surgeon.


Special features of Eva sp® 7:

  • The screen provides excellent visibility for the surgeon during the procedure: infiltrated and aspirated areas.
  • In addition, changing zones is very easy thanks to the mapping of the different zones on the touch screen. This screen allows you to control the volume infiltrated ml / ml in the zone selected on it.
  • Infiltration and aspiration data can be saved on a USB drive.


Eva sp® 7 includes:

  • Control panel with 15-inch touch screen that can be angled from 0 to 45 degrees
  • High-speed aspirator
  • Precise quantitative infiltration system
  • Evamatic®
  • Complete set of cannulas
  • Accessories: infiltration cannulas, aspiration cannulas, air tubing, fat tubing, eva sp® 6 infiltration tubing, infusion lines, 3-liter canisters, canister jars, pedals

Installation - Video

This video can help you for assembly and use of Eva® sp 7 :

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